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About Youth Education Strategies
YES is a donor funded, non-profit organization focused on educating students about the consequences sexual immorality and substance abuse can have on their lives. Our goal is to encourage students to say YES to abundant life! YES is a branch of David Stockwell Evangelistic Association


Youth... YES, Youth Education StrategiesYoung people around the world are ruining their lives through substance abuse and sexual immorality. We believe that there is a much better alternative. It is imperative for people to hear this message as early as possible so that they can know what the best decision is before they ever face these temptations.The youth of today are truly the leaders of the future. We are all in trouble if they are not set on the right path


Education, YES, Steve Stockwell speaks to students while standing on ledge. Youth Education StrategiesWe believe that knowledge is power and that the truth will set you free. Understanding the likely consequences for any bad decision is the most effective deterrent. Education is empowerment to an abundant life! It is shocking how few people realize how the choices made today directly effect your life in the future. Our goal is to change this.

Strategies. Steve Stockwell works with student in South Africa. YES. Youth Education StrategiesSTRATEGIES

We believe the most effective strategy for educating students is to share personal life experiences which illustrate positive and negative consequences for choices. We will also use statistics, studies, books, and any other means available to show students which choices will likely lead to a fulfilling, purposeful, successful, abundant life.

About Steven Stockwell
Steve Stockwell biography, YES, Youth Education Strategies

My original plan in life was to become a successful electrical engineer. However, after earning a bachelor’s degree in physics from Texas Lutheran University in 2008, my life took a drastic turn. My perspective completely changed after I had the opportunity to participate in a mission project with my father, David Stockwell, in Zambia, Africa. I saw multitudes of young people who had succumbed to the pressure of substance abuse and sexual immorality. I saw the hopelessness and loneliness felt by people around the world. I saw the need for these people to hear the message of Jesus!

I have committed my life to speaking out against sexual immorality and substance abuse through sharing my personal testimony and showing others how they can overcome these temptations by following Jesus Christ. I have had the privilege of sharing this message with tens of thousands around the world and we have open doors to share with hundreds of thousands more in the next few years. My life isn’t what I expected it to be; it is infinitely better!

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